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  • Overview of B2B with Woolworths

    B2B is the electronic exchange of information between two business entities. The potential benefits of a B2B relationship with Woolworths are:

    • Collaborative business process.
    • Faster, more efficient and more accurate procurement.
    • Improved Service Levels and Compliance.
    • Improved overall Supply Chain visibility and efficiency.

    The Woolworths B2B system allows you to do business with Woolworths electronically. Our B2B capabilities extend to the exchange of transactional business documents through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and webforms (a cost free web browser based solution). All Woolworths B2B capabilities have been developed in line with Global Industry Standards and Industry Best Practice. As such, Woolworths preferred means of doing business is electronic and Trade Partners are encouraged to leverage our B2B capabilities for mutual benefit.

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    NOTE: Woolworths has commenced a program to retire fax and email as a means of exchanging transactional business documents. Consider the benefits of engaging in B2B with Woolworths now so you are ready!


    In early November 2017, a business decision was made to defer the below outlined EDI finance documents and receipt advice, until further notice;

    1. Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI)

    2. Receipt Advice (RECADV)

    3. Remittance Advice (REMADV)

    4. SoA, Return to vendors, general adjustments (INVOICE)*

    5. Rebate reports (FINSTA)

    * Note: The e-Invoice document will remain as is.

    The reason for this business decision was due to the lack of interest from the wider group of suppliers at this stage.
    Any future decisions to progress with the above documents will be communicated to our suppliers accordingly.